• It's such an ugly feeling
  • I'm so over feeling this way
  • Everything is too good to be true.

    Wonder when I’ll be the perfect one.

    I’m so in love

    What’s worse that revenge? The feeling of not knowing if you’re being avenged…like every action is out to get you. Like there is nothing you can do because everything backfires. You brought this upon yourself… I can’t stand this feeling it’s tearing me fucking apart. It’s not true. It’s as though he’s falling in love all over again with the girl he once did and that’s not me. It’s like I’m stuck under the cloud of my thoughts and if I share them I get stuck under more of them. All I can do is cry because it’s the only sound of something that won’t back fire. I want to unknow everything I know. I want to erase all thoughts and be oblivious… I want to know everything but I cant and I can’t live that way it’s making me mad. I can barley know my state of mind… I don’t know if I’m happy if I’m sad I can’t tell. I can’t fucking tell

    I feel like dying

    I rather be dead than deal with my emotions